Stitchionary 5

Stitchionary 5

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Lovely, versatile lace comes in infinite varieties—light and airy, chunky, intricate—and is perennially popular with knitters. Featuring clear, concise instructions, charts, and gorgeous color photographs of over 150 designs, this fifth installment in the successful Stitchionary series provides a complete catalog of lace patterns from the Vogue Knitting archives.

            This is sure to be an essential reference for every knitter’s library.


Stitchionary #5 includes:


- Easy mesh patterns: straightforward and perfect for first-time lace knitters

- Allover patterns: range from small and simple to fairly complex and challenging

- Combinations: lace teams up with cables, embroidery and more

- Edgings: helps knitters find the perfect finishing touch for any garment.

- Motifs: an excellent starting point for a design

- Panels can stand alone or team up with other patterns to create stunning effects

- Chevrons: add movement and visual interest with their undulating rhythms.